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"In my opinion, there is no living artist that can portray the very soul of a human being like Bynar. Her ability to capture... and convey the deepest, most private and innermost thoughts in the truest and most meaningful manner is unequaled.

When one stares into the eyes of any of the subjects in her pieces, one stares into the eyes of a real person...but it doesn't stop there...what continues radiating from her paintings are the thoughts taht the real person never says. She captures the hidden soul and reveals that inner spirit with a simplicity and honesty that her model generally will never reveal.

There is one piece I recall that, from a distance of fifty yards, the viewer can identify the tragic feelings of the human character by only the muscles in his chest.

Her work is truly brilliant. To then consider that she is a self-taught artist and all of her work is done in watercolor is not comprehensible to most artists and critics. 

In my opinion, she will become one of the most import and greatest artists of this century... but if there is none that can equal her portrayal of human emotion and drama now... maybe she already is!"


-Chris Robinson

Private Collection

Watercolor and Gum Arabic  18" x 25"  2013

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