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Work diligently to understanding the medium. To state that one can master the medium would imply that one's education can be completed, which is not the case.


Completion of a work of art is never the goal, but rather to do it well. However, one must always finish what one starts or else they will not learn from those set of problems and their solutions.


One must have patience, discipline and determination to overcome the challenges. Keep in mind that the work will define itself.


If you are unable to work constructively due to your physical, emotional or mental state then take a break so that you don't work against yourself.  If you remain working you are likely to make mistakes that may be unforgiving.


You can be your own best teacher if you are also your own best critic. You must learn from your mistakes and your achievements.


A work of art is only as boring and uninteresting as you make it.


A work of art is ninety percent hard work with a bit of talent tossed in for good measure. However, without that small percent of talent, all the hard work may simply result in fruitless labor.


A masterpiece becomes bigger than itself. It takes on a life of its own separate from its maker.


If a work of art does not communicate a message, feeling, or story, it is simply a work of craftsmanship, but if it does reveal a message, feeling, or story, then it should be considered a work of art. This does not speak of quality; both can be exceptional or poor. Then we must consider value. An exceptional work of craftsmanship certainly can have more value than a poor work of art, but an exceptional work of art can be priceless.


Mistakes only remain mistakes if you do not right them.


Neither medium nor painter should dominate the other; they must work as allies. If the medium dominates, the painter is lacking in skill and will not be able to achieve his goals. If the painter dominates, the execution of the painting is likely to be poor.


Have a good sense of self so you can utilizing your potential. You must understand your weaknesses and strengths so that you can exploit your strengths and minimized your weaknesses. This can be the most difficult challenge because it reduces down to the relationship one has with oneself.


Know what you want to achieve from a work of art before starting it. The journey is difficult enough; it need not be hindered with the lack of direction.


In order for you do your best work you must love ever inch of it.


Be original by being yourself. The techniques of painting can be taught, but only the individual can exploit his own voice. The greatest gift we can offer is our voices followed by action.


Getting started is often the most difficult step, but there is no need to be intimidated by a blank sheet of paper. It will only remain in power as long as you are afraid of it.


If an artist works from personal experiences the outcome is certain. If an artist works outside of his experiences the outcome is uncertain as one cannot offer what one does not have.

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