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I know a man who wanted to run

but he didn't know where to run to

so he sat still, paralyzed by fear

fear of doing the wrong thing

fear of making the wrong move

he was afraid of waking the piranhas

afraid of paying the consequences

so he sat still, ready to run.

-Charlie Bynar

"Ms. Bynar's works' power arrives in the way in which her subjects' thoughtfulness manifests itself outward in delicate gesticulations. The direction of the glance, the downward shrug of the shoulder, or the furrow in a brow influences Ms. Bynar's meticulously constructed compositions. These facial and corporeal movements suddenly become moments of striking action that radiates throughout the whole of each of her works."


-Ruthie Tucker, Executive Director

Private Collection

Watercolors    21" x 21"    2006

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