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If you do not stand for virtue,
the you stand for corruption.
If a man kills arbitrarily,
then kill him arbitrarily.
Man has replaced his natural predator
with himself.
Man has resolutely proven
his intellectual superiority
and his moral deficiencies.
If you close your eyes
you will taste the radioactive waste
and you will hear
the screaming animals behind closed doors.
A man was afraid the ants would freeze in winter
so he put them in envelopes and sent them to Florida.
I told him,
"Build what is important
around what is essential."
I do not know you, but I love you.
My hands are hungry and I am greedy.
We stand to fight, but we stand alone.
There are too many wars,
wars of deforestation and wars of concrete.
We need more soldiers.
We leave behind us our shameful monuments
of utter eco-devastation.
I am truly horrified, take me to the river, I want it now.
- Charlie Bynar 1992

Private Collection

Watercolors  34 x 24    1992

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